Are you going to sell these? They are badass! @pinkfuzzyllama

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These are amazing Spaced Ghost. I love the colors and the way you use them to create these paintings… very mesmerizing. I hope I will be able to have one of these. @dariabathory

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This one is really great! I f***ing love this kind<3 @bkdahlia

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Spaced Ghost IRL

Spaced Ghost Caught Signing

Spaced Ghost was caught signing his own prints that were shipped out to suspecting witnesses. The Artist Appeared—it wasn’t alarming, but after people started seeking out Spaced Ghost, he came in and left his mark…

Early Sightings

Jeordie let out some sneak peeks to his art projects on his Instagram profile. The responses were overwhelming positive! Afterward he got the paintings digitally captured and tested out…

Spaced Ghost Art Sold At Art vs Cancer Auction

Sold Out at First Show! In October 2018, before the prints were available online, Spaced Ghost and DigitalFusion donated 2 framed prints of his art to Phase One LA’s, Art vs Cancer event. The event featured over 100 artists participating…

This is Art

Some paint to express how they feel, I paint to discover what it is I am actually feeling.

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” —Excerpt from “The Gifts of Imperfection”, Brené Brown

We are not our thoughts or feelings—we are the ones that are listening to and experiencing them.

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